Best Earning Apps 2024 – Make Money Online Without investment 2024

Best Earning Apps 2022 – Make Money Online Without investment 2022

In this article, you will find the 8 best earning apps in Pakistan that are easy to use and will help you make money from your smartphone in the next few years. You can use this money to buy anything you want including paying off bills, buying new clothes and many other things as well! So without further ado, let’s begin!

1) Earn Qoo10 Points Using Grabow

Grabow is an app that is a mix of Alipay and Ebates. With GrabNow, you can save on online shopping by using it to pay for your purchases, or get cash back when you use the app to shop offline. You can also earn Qoo10 points with Grabow! All you have to do is download the app and go through this short tutorial. Then, all you have to do is keep clicking on Grab Now in-app for every purchase! The more times you click, the more points you’ll accumulate (and yes, those are points from Qoo10). The number of points needed per dollar varies depending on how many Qoo10 Points items are left at any given time (max. 500). That means if there are 10 available items and they each cost 100 Qoo10 Points then one dollar equals 100 Points, but if there are only two items left at 200 points per item then one dollar equals 200 Points.

2) Earn Extra Cash by Taking Surveys

Surveys offer an easy way to earn cash. You can take surveys whenever and wherever, just by answering a few questions. Plus, there are a variety of different survey types so you’ll never get bored! What’s more, they’re free and they don’t require any qualifications or previous experience. The only disadvantage is that they usually take a lot of time.

3) Earn Pocket Money by Testing Apps and Games

One of the easiest ways to earn pocket money is by testing apps and games. As long as you have a smartphone with an internet connection, this is a great way to get paid while you’re on the go. It’s also worth noting that there are websites where people can get paid to do this, too.
-You can download any app or game for free and test it out for the allotted time (usually 30 minutes) before reviewing it and submitting your feedback.

4) Earn Bitcoin while Using Uber

One of the easiest and most popular ways to earn bitcoin is by using a service like Uber. You can simply sign up with Uber, put in your information, and get paid for giving rides to people. It’s not a lot of work and you could even do it on your way home from work or while you’re at school if you’re an international student who doesn’t have a bank account yet.

5) Get Free Recharge by Completing Tasks on AppLike

AppLike is a free app that allows you to earn digital currency (called AppCoins) by completing tasks like watching videos, answering surveys, downloading apps, or playing games. You can then use your AppCoins to get free recharge on your phone or tablet.

6) Watch Videos, Test Websites.

Having a job is not for everyone. Some people want to be their boss, but don’t know how to get started. Others are content with their current jobs and want an additional income. There are many ways to make money online and if you’re looking for some of the best ways then these 8 top-rated apps might be your best option.

7) Earn an Average of $8.50/Hour as a Mystery Shopper (Part Time/Full-Time Job Opportunities Available)

Mystery shopping is a job where you are sent on an assignment to evaluate the quality of a product or service and report back with your experience. Your opinions can help companies improve their products and services. You are paid for your time and effort at an agreed-upon rate per hour.

8) Get Paid for Searching the Web With Parapod and Genisis-Global.

Parapod and Genisis-Global are two new companies offering ways to get paid for searching the web. By signing up, the companies track your search history and send you a small amount of money when it detects that you’ve searched for a certain word. Parapod offers an hourly rate of $0.01 per hour, while Genisis-Global offers $0.0005 per search query.

OLEX app

OLEX is a cash app that allows you to receive and send funds. What’s more, it lets you earn up to 5% back on your purchases. It’s only available in the US.

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